LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions



The combination of contemporary design, unparalleled battery endurance, and advanced vehicle management system makes LOKI Coach Prevost motorhomes an exceptional choice for modern travelers seeking the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability on the road.

Up to 6 

Three Slide or
Quad Slide

96 kWh
Lithium Battery Bank



The Prevost H3-45 is widely acclaimed as an exceptional platform for a motorhome due to its outstanding blend of quality, durability, and performance. Its robust chassis ensures stability and longevity, making it an ideal base for custom luxury conversions.

The H3-45 boasts a high deck, creating a significant amount of under-floor storage space, a feature greatly appreciated by motorhome enthusiasts. Additionally, its panoramic windows offer an unparalleled view of the surroundings, enhancing the travel experience.

The superior ride quality, attributed to the advanced suspension system, ensures a smooth and comfortable journey, making long trips more enjoyable. Moreover, the Prevost H3-45 is powered by a reliable, powerful engine, ensuring efficient and dependable performance in various travel conditions. This combination of luxury, space, and performance makes the Prevost H3-45 a top choice for those seeking a high-end motorhome experience.

LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions
LOKI Coach - Premium Prevost Conversions



Our motorhome standard layouts are crafted with design ergonomics at the forefront, ensuring an optimal balance of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Each layout is thoughtfully arranged to maximize space utilization, providing a seamless flow between living, dining, and sleeping areas. Attention to detail is evident in the strategic placement of furniture and fixtures, enhancing ease of movement and accessibility.

The ergonomically designed spaces not only cater to practical needs but also promote a harmonious living environment, making every journey in our motorhomes a truly luxurious and comfortable experience.

Prevost H3-45 - Quad Slide

Prevost H3-45 - Quad Slide

Prevost H3-45 - Three Slide

Prevost H3-45 - Three Slide




To significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels, we have innovatively integrated a unique power system into the Prevost Chassis, ensuring seamless operation. This system comprises massive lithium batteries (8000 amp/h), high-efficiency solar panels (2540 W), and two custom supercharged alternators (1200 amp/h) for ultra-fast charging.

This integration elevates the Prevost Chassis, already renowned for its robustness, to an unprecedented level of off-grid autonomy, setting a new industry benchmark. Furthermore, the addition of a Garmin state-of-the-art vehicle management system and a custom user interface enhances the entire LOKI Coach experience, perfectly aligning with our minimalist design philosophy. This advanced power system not only complements the existing features of the Prevost Chassis but also operates smoothly and efficiently, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly travel experience.

Garmin Vehicle Management System

LOKI Coach Exterior



Tailoring each Prevost chassis to perfection, our customization process involves bespoke design choices that cater to the most discerning tastes. These standard features ensure that every journey with a LOKI Coach motorhome is not just a trip, but a truly exceptional experience, redefining what it means to travel in style and comfort.

Chassis Specifications

  • 2024 Prevost H3-45 VIP or X3-45 VIP
  • 2, 3 or 4 Slide- Outs
  • Engine Volvo D13 500 HP & 1850 Ft.-Lb.
  • Valid Self-Leveling Suspension
  • Overall Length - 45 Ft.
  • Wheelbase - 313.4 In.
  • Underfloor Storage - 505 Cu.Ft.
  • Fuel Tank - 222 Gal
  • Trailer Hitch Package (20,000 Lbs.)
  • Prevost Electronic Stability Program
  • Prevost Driver Assist - Line Departure Warning, Emergency Braking, Adaptable Cruise Control
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System For Engine Compartment
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Led Low & High Beam Headlight
  • Led Lights In Engine Compartment
  • E-Mirrors

Electrical / Energy System

  • 58V Volta Power System With Monitoring
  • 96,000W Lithium Battery Bank, 8000ah Capacity
  • 2540W Solar Panels
  • 2 X 190A Volta 58V Alternator
  • 2 X Victron 10K Inverter
  • 100A Automatic Transfer Switch With Built In Power Qualification & Surge Protector
  • 40A 24V Chassis Dedicated Battery Charger
  • 4 X Garmin 10" Portable Screen
  • 2 X Garmin 10" Fixed Screen
  • 4 X Garmin 5" Fixed Screen
  • EV Car Charger
  • STARLINK Roaming
  • Garmin Vehicle Management System
  • Water & Energy Monitoring
  • Lighting
  • Awning & Windows
  • Climate Control
  • Fuse Resets
  • Remote Control Option
  • Onboard Diagnostics & Remote Monitoring
  • Lighting Presets For Different Moods
  • 50 Ft. Shore Power Cord Reel
  • 50A Extension Cord

HVAC & Heating System

  • A/C Climate Control
  • Hybrid Electric/Diesel Heater (Hot Water, Heater & Engine Preheat )
  • Electric Heated Floor
  • 4 X Dometic 15 000 BTU  A/C Penguin II
  • Automated Control Air Conditioning System
  • Ceiling Ducts For Air Conditioning / Heating
  • Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Water Systems

  • 190 Gal Freshwater Tank
  • 75 Gal Black Water Tank
  • 75 Gal Grey Water Tank
  • Electric Dump Valve For Each Tank
  • Electric Rinse Valve For Each Tank With Auto Stop
  • Electric Valve To Fill Tank Or City Inlet With Auto Stop For Tank Fill
  • Macerator
  • Pressure Washer With 1 Connection On Each Side
  • Pressure Washer Cable Reel
  • Faucet In Plumbing Bay
  • Winterized Plumbing Bay
  • Individual Shut- Off
  • Garmin Control & Monitoring  System
  • City Water Inlet
  • 110 VAC Mach 5 Multi-Stage Water Pump
  • 12V Auxiliary Water Pump System
  • Gravity Fill Inlet On Driver Side

Exterior / Cargo Bays

  • Front & Rear Roof Caps
  • 4 X Motorized Awnings
  • Wind Sensor On Awning
  • Upholstered Storage Bays
  • Rugged Black Powder Coated Floors
  • Led Lighting 360 Degrees
  • Motorized Master Slide (Bay 1 & 2)
  • Tool Box Driver Side
  • Exterior Courtesy Lights
  • Air Compressor & Cable Reel
  • Watertight Storage Area Behind Front Bumper
  • Undercarriage Lighting
  • Outdoor Kitchen Bbq
  • Outdoor Kitchen Storage Unit
  • Wine Fridge
  • 12V Mini Fridge
  • 55’’ Slide- Out TV & Sound Bar
  • Loki Coach Emblems
  • Prevost Custom Paint With Super Clear Coat
  • Exterior Nano Ceramic Coating

Pilot / Co-Pilot Area

  • Handcrafted Full Leather Wrapped Cockpit Area
  • Pilot & Co-Pilot Seat Upholstered
  • Co-Pilot Seat With Heated & Massage Functions
  • Motorized Step Well
  • Motorized Blackout Window Shades
  • LOKI Coach Embroidery
  • Led Courtesy Lights
  • 360-Degree Camera System Display
  • 2 X Docking Stations For Garmin System
  • Pilot & Co-Pilot Cup Holders & Storage
  • Reading Lights
  • Power Outlets With USB
  • Keyless Touchpad Entry System
  • Contemporary Veneered Entrance
  • Custom Easy Clean Mats
  • Garmin GPS

Living Room / Kitchen

  • 65” 4K Tv Drop Down Lift
  • Bose Sound Bar
  • Wireless Chargers
  • Loveseat Or Recliner Seat
  • Sofa With Motorized Hideabed
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Microwave
  • Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher
  • Motorized Window Shades
  • Vario Glass (Privacy Mode)
  • UV Water Purifier
  • Quartz Counters
  • Kickplate Lighting
  • Single Handheld Faucet With Built-In Sprayer
  • Fisher & Paykel Full Size Refrigerator / Freezer
  • Single Lever Galley Faucet With Integrated Spray Nozzle & Soap Dispenser
  • Electromagnetic Locks On Cabinets
  • Ceramic Flooring
  • 120V Outlets + USB
  • Contemporary Lighting
  • Blum Sliding Drawers
  • Electrically Operated Windows
  • Cabinet Interiors Fully Finished & Laminated

Primary Sleeping Quarters

  • Adjustable King Size Bed
  • 2 X Wardrobes With Led Lighting
  • Security Safe With Numeric Pad
  • 3 X Shoe Drawers
  • Automatic Pocket Door From Hallway To Bedroom
  • Automatic Pocket Door From Bedroom To Bathroom
  • Vario Glass (Privacy Mode)
  • 50" 4K TV On Pop-Up Lift
  • 2 X Docking Stations For Garmin System
  • 5’’ Garmin Multi-Function Touchscreen Display
  • Multiple Lighting Presets
  • Electric Windows
  • Motorized Window Shades


  • Starlink Roaming
  • 65” 4K Dropdown TV (Living Room)
  • 55” 4K Outdoor TV
  • 50” 4K TV (Bedroom)
  • 2 X Bose Sound Bars
  • Samsung Outdoor Sound Bar
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Calling & Streaming
  • Audio Player
  • XM Radio

Primary Bathroom

  • Contemporary Quartz Sink
  • Contemporary  Fixtures
  • Temperature & Pressure Controlled Shower Valve With Hand Sprayer
  • Medicine Cabinet With Accent Lighting
  • Full Size Shower
  • Shower Wall Lighting
  • Linear Shower Drain
  • Indirect Wall Lighting
  • High Efficiency Toilet
  • Air Exchanger 

Water Closet

  • Air Exchanger
  • Vanity
  • Contemporary Fixtures


Our team of expert technicians is always ready to respond to any query or requirement, ensuring that your motorhome remains in impeccable condition. Whether it's routine upkeep or unexpected situations, our AAA Support Program is a testament to our dedication to your comfort and satisfaction, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.


LOKI Coach AAA Support



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