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LOKI Coach to sponsor Theetge Motorsport in 2024 NASCAR Canada Season

The 2024 NASCAR Canada Season is set to witness an intriguing fusion of luxury and speed with Theetge Motorsport's latest sponsorship deal with LOKI Coach, a luxury Prevost motorhome converter. This collaboration marks a unique blend of high-performance racing and high-end lifestyle, symbolizing a significant leap in the team's market appeal and operational capabilities. 

LOKI Coach, known for their premium luxury motorhomes, brings a touch of opulence to the world of NASCAR.  With veteran racer Alex Tagliani at the helm, and support from other notable sponsors, the team is poised for an exceptional season. The synergy between Theetge Motorsport and LOKI Coach promises to elevate the team's presence in the series, drawing attention to the seamless integration of luxury into the high-octane world of racing.

Stay tuned for more insights on this thrilling partnership and its impact on the NASCAR Canada Series.

  • Loki Coach- Theetge Motorsport
  • Loki Coach- Theetge Motorsport
  • Loki Coach- Theetge Motorsport



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